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The Hookah - what is it exactly?

Everything has started hundreds of years ago in the Midwest. Shisha form what we know today has been found around the 15th century. It is known under several names, by the English called the Hookah, the Persians and Egyptians – Shisha and a Narghile by the Lebanese.

Construction of typical Hookahs:
- base bottle, which is usually a decorated glass where you pour the water to filter the inhaled smoke,
- metal tube, appearing in various forms, which combines all the elements together,
clay bowl the top of the metal tube, where you put molasses
- flexible hose ended with mouthpiece made of different materials, such as wood, plastic, etc..

People often compare cigarette smoking to hookahs which in fact is not true. Most people smokes cigarettes because of their addiction, or those who are struggling with the stress of everyday life. While water pipe helps to relax, forget about problems for a moment. Most hookah smoking ritual takes place in a nice company.

Hundreds of years old ritual has remained till now. Today hookah bars are around the world and it is a place where you can sit and talk about politics, culture, life and enjoy your time. People smoked opium or hashish years ago so hookah has gained negative opinions today. Society slowly begins to accept and perceive hookahs as special equipment for smoking various flavors of tobacco instead of illegal drugs.